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Backup Lightning Channel State on Bitcoin's Immutable Storage with Inscriptions


Paste that in a macOS Terminal.

What Does Lnscribe Do?

Lnscribe is a lightningd plugin that exports your channel state, encrypts it with your private key, and incribes the output on a Bitcoin block with ord. Using the same private key, you can decrypt the data and import it to restore your channel state in the event of loss.

How to Inscribe

Run this command to inscribe your channel state.


  1. Install lightningd
  2. Download lnscribe plugin above
  3. Install ord
  4. Transfer BTC to your ord wallet for network fees

Special Thanks

  1. Kody for forcing me (and Nick) to do the hackathon.
  2. Super Testnet for helping think through this idea.
  3. Chris Guida for his tutorial on Writing a Core-Lightning plugin.